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The School has 23 disciplinary Colleges and one independent College of Science and Technology. It presently has more than 30,000 full-time undergraduate students in 87 bachelor programmes, more than 5,000 students studying for doctoral and masters’ degrees and more than 10,000 in adult education certificate courses. The university has gained second prize of teaching achievement at national level for twice, two national level pilot projects in disciplinary renovations. It has six Distinctive Specializations at national level, two national level off-campus practicing education bases, one national level humanity spirit education base, one national level demonstration center of Experimental Teaching, three national level high quality course, one national level high quality online video course, two national level Teaching Teams, six teaching materials included in the Ministry of Education's twelfth five-year plan, six sets of teaching materials included in the Ministry of Education “Multiple New Teaching Materials” scheme; seven projects in the provincial outstanding talent nurturing scheme, 10 provincial level pilot projects in disciplinary renovations, ten Distinctive Specializations, twenty five Brand Specializations at the provincial level, twenty six provincial level High Quality Courses, twenty five provincial-level high quality courses shared in the resources bank, seven provincial level Teaching Teams, five provincial level Demonstration Courses in Bilingual Education, 4 provincial level projects aimed to innovate student training models, 4 provincial level innovation bases in graduate student education, 8 provincial level centers in Experimental Teaching.

Since 1999 the University has been implementing a reform of the credit system, with the aim of encouraging personal responsibility, a spirit of creativity, and practical ability. The key points are “Proper management of credit, modularization of the curriculum, allowing choice in training, and the adoption of open teaching methods”. The university aims to educate a new kind of high-level specialist, with “deep foundations in specialist study, broad disciplinary capacity, high moral character and great practical ability”. In the Ministry of Education’s 2005 evaluation of the level of our undergraduate teaching our results were “Excellent”. From 2008 on, the University has recruited students according to the “first-level discipline cut-off mark” system. In 2012, the university first initiated the student training innovation project titled "Zhengda Student". In 2013, the university started the free-tuition teacher training programme for one thousand students, and the continuous academic programmes from bachelor's degree to master's degree, from master's degree to doctoral degree. Bachelor’s degree graduates from the University have a rate of first employment which is always round 90%, while those with Master’s degrees or above have a stable rate of employment of 92% or above. For many years, these rates have been the best among Jiangxi higher education institutions. In 2011, our university was among the top 50 schools in the rate of employment of graduates over the country.




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